“Easy to Set Up Universal Group Gift Registry” — LifeHacker

We’re really excited to announce that we’ve been featured in LifeHacker!  I use LifeHacker all the time to find organizational tips and applications, so I think CheckedTwice fits in really well on the site.

The LifeHacker article illustrates all of CheckedTwice’s best features – its user friendliness, flexibility, and versatility, making it exactly as LifeHacker defined it: universal.  Because CheckedTwice is able to add gifts from all online retailers, you can essentially grab products off the shelves from any store and add them to a single, universal shopping cart.

We wanted to also mention one aspect that LifeHacker didn’t touch on as much- CheckedTwice is family-oriented.  By being able to see everyone in your family’s wishlist all on one site, we make it really easy to do all your family’s shopping at once. Of course, LifeHacker did point out one of our favorite key features – it’s free!

We want to thank LifeHacker for featuring us on their site (which can be viewed here), allowing us to reach out to more families and give them the organizational tools they need. We hope you give CheckedTwice a try and sign up your whole family for an improved gifting experience!

Happy Shopping,


CheckedTwice Reviewed on Apartment Therapy!

Apartment Therapy is one of our favorite sites – so imagine our joy at being mentioned in a post! If you’re not familiar with them, it was started in 2003 as an email newsletter as its founder, Maxwell Ryan, traveled by scooter to his client’s homes as an “apartment therapist” to help them make their spaces “beautiful, organized, and healthy”.  Their mission of “Helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online,” has struck a chord as they are now the largest independent website dedicated to the home.

After being introduced to CheckedTwice by a family member, Micky Howl gave us a glowing write-up after comparing us with other registry sites that are available on the web. Citing us for our ease-of-use, advanced capabilities, and lack of irritating advertisements, we received high marks. She specifically liked the way we integrate so easily with Etsy – a great source for handmade gifts that complement Apartment Therapy’s style. Not only do we work well with Etsy – but a gift from anywhere on the web can be added to our wishlists by copying and pasting its URL. Beyond that, even offline gifts can be added. The possibilities are endless!

To read their post, please click here. Thanks, Apartment Therapy, for including us on your fantastic site and keep up the great work!