What I Love About You Book

There are very few things more romantic than letting the one you love know the small details that caused you to fall head over heels- whether it be their goofy smile or their quirky attitude about life.

This is especially true for those in long distance relationships where distance might make it easier for these memories to fade. Long Distance Relationship Gifts is proud to present “What I Love About You,” the book that helps you expresses these romantic thoughts to your lover in a fun and entertaining way.

what I love about you - relationship journal

What is it?

This book is similar to many other relationship journals because of the nature of its questions but its distinguishing value is just how engaging these questions are. With a mix of standard lovey dovey questions like “I first knew I loved you when” and fun questions like “if we’d met in a comic strip, the thought bubble over my head would’ve said…,” this book makes for a fun, warm and fuzzy time for both the reader and the writer.

Why is it on Long Distance Relationship Gifts?

From a look at its title, this book seemed to be just another relationship journal, but after reading what the Fairytale Beginning blog had to say about it I became engrossed and had to check it out for myself. Surprisingly enough, I found that I actually agreed with the blog: this relationship journal was absorbing enough that I found myself flipping through the pages and actually attempting to answer some of its questions in my head.

Why would it make a great gift?

Here are the three reasons I believe “What I Love About You” makes such a great gift for those in a long distance relationship:

  • First, its questions (and yours/your lover’s answers) make for great, fun conversation starters.

  • Of course, it is a very romantic and fun gesture.

  • Finally, this book is a great way to keep your lover’s thoughts nearby even if he/she is far away.

What has your past experiences with relationship journals been like? Please leave a comment below.


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