Long Distance Relationship App

In this digital age, nothing makes you feel more connected than a good long distance relationship app. Check out Couple – an app for two:


OK, so the couple in the video are actually living in the same city, which isn’t exactly long distance. However, there is no reason why we can’t use it for long distance relationships as well! In fact, the guys who developed this app were going through long distance relationships themselves. Couples can build a private timeline together by sending pictures, texts, and even sketching together in real-time. You can also send “secrets,” which are photos that will disappear after a certain time. But we won’t ask why you’d need that…

The best part is that you can – brace yourself – ThumbKiss™! The following quote from Examiner.com pretty much says it all, “..possibly the cutest thing ever invented by man, is the thumb kiss. If you would like to give your significant other a thumb kiss, you open the feature and wait for your partner to join. Once you are both live on the page, you can place your thumb on the screen and your thumbprint is transmitted to your partner’s screen. When your partner places his thumb over yours for 1 second, the screen turns red and vibrates, meaning that you kissed. Every time my thumb met my boyfriend’s and the screen lit up and vibrated, I could not help but giggle and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Simply knowing that my partner was connected to me, even for a second, even through a mode of technology, made me feel closer to him.” It’s so awesome they even trademark this feature.

So what you waiting for? Go get connected!

long distance relationship app

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