Long Distance Pillow Cases

Let’s face it: we’re all somewhat lonely at night, especially when our boyfriend or girlfriend is not around. The day goes by pretty quickly with work and a thousand other things, but it is when we settle down at night that longing-for-you feeling arises. Here is how the great James Joyce described it in his poem At That Hour:

“At that hour when all things have repose,
O lonely watcher of the skies,
Do you hear the night wind and the sighs
Of harps playing unto Love to unclose
The pale gates of sunrise?


Man that is sad, but it doesn’t have to be anymore! Thanks to the folks at BoldLoft, you’ll have something to remember your lover by before going to sleep. You can each hold on to one of a pair of pillows that’s designed to keep you company at night. Even though you’re a thousand miles apart, you still have something to share with each other. You can choose from one of their many pillow cases just like the one below.

long distance pillow cases

From Amazon reviews, apparently these long distance pillow cases have pretty good quality as well. Having a bad day? Just hold the pillow in your arms and lay down for a while.


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