Internet Message Clock

There is no better feeling than waking up to the message of your sweetheart displayed on your night stand. It will be like he or she is right here with you. And the IXP3 Internet MessageCclock does just that!

Internet message Clock

These amazing clocks use “persistence of vision” technology to create a real image floating in mid- air, with no intervening objects, such as glass.

All you have to do is to plug it into the Internet and start sending messages through the iXP3 website or by email. It will be sent to any place on earth and displayed in bright red letters.

They also have built-in daily greetings and holiday messages that will light up your day. Imagine waking up to “Good morning” and “Hope you have a great day,” instead of an annoying buzzing alarm clock.

These clocks also display date, time (obviously), and temperature so you can use it as an office desktop clock as well. But be prepared to be asked “what makes that work?” or “how is that possible?” to challenge your work throughout the day!

From reviews on Amazon, apparently the manufacturer experienced some quality control problems  back in early 2012, but it seems they fixed it and everything works now.

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