Electronic Butterfly

What’s a better way to remind your lover of your presence than a electronic butterfly in a jar? There are something about butterflies that make people feel relaxed and carefree. I particularly like the description from ThinkGeek.com,”butterflies (in our opinion) are like rainbows and unicorns: unadulterated creations of magic and beauty.” So do you want to be associated with those qualities? Of course you do!

Electronic Butterfly

These butterflies will respond to a tap on the jar and sound. They’ll even stay on the jar and flex their wings from time to time. It’s like having a cheerful piece of nature on your desk.

They come in three colors: Blue Morpho, Monarch, and Yellow Swallowtail. Sadly, you can’t bring two butterflies into one jar, but you can always buy two!

People love it so much that there’s literally hundreds of videos on YouTube about this product.

It’ll also make a great starter pet (all you have to do is feed it batteries..).

Disclaimer from ThinkGeek.com: Cats are insanely attracted to this toy. To ensure the safety of your four-legged friends, please ensure this glass jar is in a location where they can’t knock it around and break it.

Like this:


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