Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Finding a gift for a significant other is usually quite difficult because you always want to find a gift that will be either very meaningful and dear or something that you know that he or she will use. This is especially true for those in long distance relationships since these gifts are themselves another form of communication.

We want to make this task of finding a gift for your long distance significant other less daunting by bringing fun, unique, and creative long distance gift ideas to you and your long distance significant other. Enjoy!

Nifty Little Items

In most long distance relationships, people aren’t really expecting super expensive gifts but that special something to attach their feelings to. And during the search for perfect long distance relationship gifts, I found these nifty little items particularly interesting and heartwarming.

State or Country Heart Mugs

A store on Esty offers these “2 white ceramic mugs customized with two state outlines or country outlines of your choice, hearts on two cities of your choice and a whimsical dotted line connecting them”. Whether you’re busy at work or having breakfast at your kitchen table, it’ll serve as the perfect reminder and your love will grow deeper with every sip of coffee. She even offers further customization so don’t be shy to ask!

nifty little items


Keepsake Throw Pillow

Do you have that special event or memory that makes you warm and fuzzy inside every time it comes to mind? Now is your chance to make a visual reminder of that! Take a ticket stub or plane ticket or whatever memorabilia you may have to Kinkos, have them blow it up, print it on a fabric transfer sheet and make a pillow. The idea first comes from WeddingDayPin.com and it has since been Pinned more than two thousand times. It’s a bit on the DIY side so it’ll be extra meaningful if send it as a gift.

nifty little items


Relationship Diploma

nifty little items

What’s a better Christmas gift for your sweetheart than the certificate of Love? There are similar templates at DiplomaStore.com. Too reserved for your taste? What about something like this:

nifty little items

And the possibility is endless with a little Photoshopping. It is truly the best way to show what you love about him/her. Just put it on the diploma!

Long Distance Relationship App

In this digital age, nothing makes you feel more connected than a good long distance relationship app. Check out Couple – an app for two:


OK, so the couple in the video are actually living in the same city, which isn’t exactly long distance. However, there is no reason why we can’t use it for long distance relationships as well! In fact, the guys who developed this app were going through long distance relationships themselves. Couples can build a private timeline together by sending pictures, texts, and even sketching together in real-time. You can also send “secrets,” which are photos that will disappear after a certain time. But we won’t ask why you’d need that…

The best part is that you can – brace yourself – ThumbKiss™! The following quote from Examiner.com pretty much says it all, “..possibly the cutest thing ever invented by man, is the thumb kiss. If you would like to give your significant other a thumb kiss, you open the feature and wait for your partner to join. Once you are both live on the page, you can place your thumb on the screen and your thumbprint is transmitted to your partner’s screen. When your partner places his thumb over yours for 1 second, the screen turns red and vibrates, meaning that you kissed. Every time my thumb met my boyfriend’s and the screen lit up and vibrated, I could not help but giggle and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Simply knowing that my partner was connected to me, even for a second, even through a mode of technology, made me feel closer to him.” It’s so awesome they even trademark this feature.

So what you waiting for? Go get connected!

long distance relationship app

What I Love About You Book

There are very few things more romantic than letting the one you love know the small details that caused you to fall head over heels- whether it be their goofy smile or their quirky attitude about life.

This is especially true for those in long distance relationships where distance might make it easier for these memories to fade. Long Distance Relationship Gifts is proud to present “What I Love About You,” the book that helps you expresses these romantic thoughts to your lover in a fun and entertaining way.

what I love about you - relationship journal

What is it?

This book is similar to many other relationship journals because of the nature of its questions but its distinguishing value is just how engaging these questions are. With a mix of standard lovey dovey questions like “I first knew I loved you when” and fun questions like “if we’d met in a comic strip, the thought bubble over my head would’ve said…,” this book makes for a fun, warm and fuzzy time for both the reader and the writer.

Why is it on Long Distance Relationship Gifts?

From a look at its title, this book seemed to be just another relationship journal, but after reading what the Fairytale Beginning blog had to say about it I became engrossed and had to check it out for myself. Surprisingly enough, I found that I actually agreed with the blog: this relationship journal was absorbing enough that I found myself flipping through the pages and actually attempting to answer some of its questions in my head.

Why would it make a great gift?

Here are the three reasons I believe “What I Love About You” makes such a great gift for those in a long distance relationship:

  • First, its questions (and yours/your lover’s answers) make for great, fun conversation starters.

  • Of course, it is a very romantic and fun gesture.

  • Finally, this book is a great way to keep your lover’s thoughts nearby even if he/she is far away.

What has your past experiences with relationship journals been like? Please leave a comment below.


Glazed Roses

If you’re any thing like me, you’ll know that roses bring the “big” in “big romantic gestures”. A man who can say it with flowers is irresistible to women – Carla Bruni’s words, not mine.  Instead of spending money on flowers that’ll wither in a week, why not try something that can last a lifetime! Nothing says I’ll love you forever like a REAL rose sealed in clear acrylic glaze. She’ll think of you every time she looks at the blossom’s radiance on her table. And romanceher.com offers a line of glazed roses starting from the natural look below:


Too plain for your taste? No worries! They also offer gold and platinum trim ones.

glazed-plat-new glazedroses2

Their roses also come in different colors: red, blue, purple, and even black! So choose wisely.

Feel like going big this year? You can add engraved message on a dime-size gold plated tag for $25. Plagiarizing Shakespeare can never go wrong:

“So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,

So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.” Literally.

Or a simple ” Happy Anniversary. I love you” will do just fine.


Perfect gift for long distance relationship.

Internet Message Clock

There is no better feeling than waking up to the message of your sweetheart displayed on your night stand. It will be like he or she is right here with you. And the IXP3 Internet MessageCclock does just that!

Internet message Clock

These amazing clocks use “persistence of vision” technology to create a real image floating in mid- air, with no intervening objects, such as glass.

All you have to do is to plug it into the Internet and start sending messages through the iXP3 website or by email. It will be sent to any place on earth and displayed in bright red letters.

They also have built-in daily greetings and holiday messages that will light up your day. Imagine waking up to “Good morning” and “Hope you have a great day,” instead of an annoying buzzing alarm clock.

These clocks also display date, time (obviously), and temperature so you can use it as an office desktop clock as well. But be prepared to be asked “what makes that work?” or “how is that possible?” to challenge your work throughout the day!

From reviews on Amazon, apparently the manufacturer experienced some quality control problems  back in early 2012, but it seems they fixed it and everything works now.

Electronic Butterfly

What’s a better way to remind your lover of your presence than a electronic butterfly in a jar? There are something about butterflies that make people feel relaxed and carefree. I particularly like the description from ThinkGeek.com,”butterflies (in our opinion) are like rainbows and unicorns: unadulterated creations of magic and beauty.” So do you want to be associated with those qualities? Of course you do!

Electronic Butterfly

These butterflies will respond to a tap on the jar and sound. They’ll even stay on the jar and flex their wings from time to time. It’s like having a cheerful piece of nature on your desk.

They come in three colors: Blue Morpho, Monarch, and Yellow Swallowtail. Sadly, you can’t bring two butterflies into one jar, but you can always buy two!

People love it so much that there’s literally hundreds of videos on YouTube about this product.

It’ll also make a great starter pet (all you have to do is feed it batteries..).

Disclaimer from ThinkGeek.com: Cats are insanely attracted to this toy. To ensure the safety of your four-legged friends, please ensure this glass jar is in a location where they can’t knock it around and break it.

Like this:


Long Distance Pillow Cases

Let’s face it: we’re all somewhat lonely at night, especially when our boyfriend or girlfriend is not around. The day goes by pretty quickly with work and a thousand other things, but it is when we settle down at night that longing-for-you feeling arises. Here is how the great James Joyce described it in his poem At That Hour:

“At that hour when all things have repose,
O lonely watcher of the skies,
Do you hear the night wind and the sighs
Of harps playing unto Love to unclose
The pale gates of sunrise?


Man that is sad, but it doesn’t have to be anymore! Thanks to the folks at BoldLoft, you’ll have something to remember your lover by before going to sleep. You can each hold on to one of a pair of pillows that’s designed to keep you company at night. Even though you’re a thousand miles apart, you still have something to share with each other. You can choose from one of their many pillow cases just like the one below.

long distance pillow cases

From Amazon reviews, apparently these long distance pillow cases have pretty good quality as well. Having a bad day? Just hold the pillow in your arms and lay down for a while.