Our kid-focused week continued, and Wednesday Web Services is another difficult one. Rebecca found some truly terrifying MMORPG for kids. Yikes! For those that own tablets or iPads, there are some great learning applications out there. So an app store gift card and some recommendations could make a good gift…

But those aren’t really web services. So what do we have for you this week? How about the gift of easier babysitting with SitterCity?



Ok. So maybe that’s more for the parents, but don’t the kids win with better babysitters and less stressed parents? Here’s SitterCity’s own description:

Sittercity helps you find experienced babysitters and nannies in your area. And with features like detailed profiles, background checks, references and reviews, we make the process safe and easy.

And that description pretty much says it all. It’s hard to find a good babysitter and SitterCity makes it easy. The service goes for $35/month or $70/year, and the have gift certificates, which makes the process of giving this as a gift nice and easy.

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