I for one was excited when one of my favorite services went public this year. That means Pandora will be around for years to come!

pandora - music streaming service

Pandora is a music streaming services that takes your tastes into account and serves you music that fits your style and mood. You create your own radio station by specifying an artist or song ‘seed’. The service then serves you music in a similar style and/or genre.

But it goes further than that! As you listen, you can tivo-style, give music thumbs up and thumbs down. And you can add more ‘seed’ artists to your radio station. After a few days of listening, you have a service that will pump out your awesome music, 24×7.

As I work on the CheckedTwice product, I always listen to my Andrew’s Music Pandora station. I’ll end up coding for hours, because I have my jams.

Pandora’s service is a freemium model. The basic service is free, but ad supported. But they have a premium service with no ads and better sound quality. The premium service is called Pandora One, and it costs $36/year. For my family, that’s in the sweet spot for a gift price, and it lasts for a whole year!

Pandora has a great set up to give Pandora One as a gift. Check it out!

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