Interview Success Formula

And what can you get that 20-something child that spends a bit too much time at home playing HALO and not enough time pounding the pavement looking for work?

Hopefully, you’re not in that situation, but a lot of people are looking for work or looking to change jobs as the economy continues to recover. And there’s a great tool for that.

Interview Success Formula helps you land the job. It helps you close the deal.

interview success formula - interview preparation

You’ve been there. Palms sweating. Suit jacket feeling strangely tight as a dispassionate interviewer nonchalantly lobs grenades in the form of questions. You know your stuff. You can do the job. But it’s still tough to get everything across, especially the softer questions.

That’s the moment Interview Success Formula prepares you for. Here’s how it works:

  • you fill out an assessment (takes about 30 minutes)
  • the software compares that to thousands of successful professionals in a variety of fields
  • you get a report analyzing your assessment and giving you honest, good answers to tough questions like “What’s your biggest weakness?” (Hint: it’s not that you care too much.)

At $97, it’s not cheap. But the testimonials from customers are great.

There isn’t a specific gifting web page, but if you email, the company can arrange the transfer of your purchase on to a loved one.

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