Last Minute Gifts

Need a gift for your friend’s birthday by tomorrow? Or even by today? Never fear – you can get your friend a great gift without even leaving your house. These quick gifts can vary – between online web services or monthly box subscriptions – but you can get them right away and before heading to the party or making the Happy Birthday phone call.

A DIY Box for Crafters

Here’s a great gift for a crafty friend or family member – WhimseyBox! Each month, for $15, a box arrives at your doorstep with everything you need to complete a fun project including materials and instructions. Gift subscriptions can be purchased for 3 mos. for $45, for 6 mos. for $90, or for a full year for $165. Each Whimseybox includes:

  • DIY Project Materials
  • Project Instructions
  • Reusable Organization Box
  • 5×7 Collectible Art Print
  • Free Shipping

To get started, click here to go to their Gift Subscription page. Here are some of their recent projects:



Nerdblock: Subscription Boxes for Nerds!

We just heard about Nerdblock, a subscription box service for nerds, and it looks pretty great. Basically, you subscribe, give them your t-shirt size, and then each month you’ll receive a box with a new t-shirt and some cool toys. They’re involved with brands like Marvel, Disney, Nintendo, and Star Wars – so you know there’s going to be great stuff in those boxes! It’s only $19.99 per month.. but if you’re interested, subscribe today, because there are a limited number of boxes that go out each month.

These boxes would make a great gift.. but we won’t blame you if you sign up for yourself!

For more information, or to sign up, visit

nerdblock logo

Subscription Boxes for the Foodie Friend

As a Portland, Oregon native, every one of my friends is a self-proclaimed foodie.  We make weekly trips to local food trucks, cafes, and  various authentic “hole in the wall” restaurants.  I can’t even remember the last time we ate at a national “Cheesecake Factory” type restaurant franchise.  So when my foodie friends’ birthdays come up every month, I think to myself – how can I ‘out-food’ the foodie?

Recently, I found the perfect solution – food subscription boxes!  No matter what food obsession your friend has – whether it be junk or uber-healthy-organic – there’s a box for it!

Every month, your food subscription box service will deliver a box full of various related snacks straight to your friend’s door.  It’s a gift that keeps on giving, and it takes care of picking food for you.

Here are some fun, popular food subscription box options:

Blissmo BREAKbox:

The Blissmo BREAKbox delivers you everyday, “office” food that you can snack on all day – but without the artificial sweeteners and the guilt.  Blissmo allows you to send one mini gift box for $12.49, one regular sized gift box for $24.95, or a 3 month gift membership for $69.95!  There’s also a “blissmo beauty” option, if your friend would prefer toxin-free beauty products instead of food.


We all know that every group of friends has the one coffee aficionado who only goes to “underground cafes” and scoffs at the sight of a Starbucks logo.  Thanks to Mistobox, the coffee snob friend is no longer impossible to shop for.  Mistobox delivers the country’s best fresh-roasted coffee, and has flexible gifting options. For $15 a month, you can deliver enough coffee to make about 15 cups, for either 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.  For your extra caffeinated friends, you can upgrade your plan by paying $30 a month to give enough coffee to make 30 cups, and you can double the price per month to send coffee twice a month instead of once.  So many options – so much coffee!


In a world dominated by Oreos, chips, and soda, finding yummy, healthy snacks is shockingly hard, especially for an affordable price. NatureBox, however, will deliver low-calorie, healthy, nutritionist-approved snacks straight to your door every month, making the process of finding healthy snacks way easier.  If you want to give your health-obsessed friend Naturebox, you can choose between 3, 6, and 12 month options.  A 3 month subscription will cost $59.97, but if you choose to give for more months, the cost per month goes down!


For your active, fit friends, the KonaKase is a great gift that will deliver 7-8 healthy, energy boosting snacks each month.  Think granola bars, but taken to a whole new level. For $15 a month, you can give the KonaKase in 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions.  Yum!


Not to be confused with the French beauty box JolieBox, the Juliebox is meant to be given to your classiest, over age 21 friends.  Each month, the Julibox will consist of ingredients to make 2 of 2 different types of cocktails (4 total), including spirits and mixers.  You can pick out of a 1, 3, 6, and 12 month gift subscription, for $40 a month.

Love with Food:

While Love with Food delivers a more random assortment of food every month, the greatest part about this gift is that its more than just a gift for your friend – for every box Love with Food delivers, they also donate a meal to a hungry child.  For as low as $10 a month, you can gift someone a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription – and feed a lot of hungry children at the same time.  Talk about a heart-warming, feel good gift 🙂

Do you have any other favorite food subscription boxes?  Let us know in the comments!

Subscription Boxes for Men

Most subscription boxes out there tend to have themes made for women – beauty, clothing, crafts, and so on.  But who says men don’t want a gift every month too?  These boxes make great monthly subscription boxes for every kind of guy:

Bro Box Club:

Price: $14.95/ month (the promotion code ‘GOBROGO’ may get you 50% off)

Intended to be a gift itself, the BroBox is a gesture of love from one bro to another.  On the 5th of every month, a box will be mailed to your bro with products from the best brands and craftsman.  ‘Certified bros’ review all the products in the box.  Though the website doesn’t specifically say, products seem to be related to snacks, energy boosters, gadgets, and personal care.

Subscription Boxes for Men


Dollar Shave Club:

Price: $1/month (+S&H), $6/month (S&H included), or $9/month (S&H included)

True to their slogan “Shave Time. Shave money” the Dollar Shave Club is perfect for the thrifty and the lazy.  For $1 a month, you will get shipped 5 cartridges of a basic razor (2 stainless steel blades), for $6 a month, you’ll get 4 cartridges of a 4 stainless steel blade razor (that can also be used by a girlfriend), and for $9 a month, you’ll get 4 cartridges of a fancy, 6 stainless steel blade razor.  You can also add Shave Butter for $8 or ‘Wipes‘ for $4.  Though you technically can’t gift these boxes on a monthly basis, you can order a gift card to get your friend a Dollar Shave Club membership, for $10, $25, $50, $100, or $250.

Subscription Boxes for Men


Price: Essential: $69, Premium: $129, Luxury: $199 – NOT monthly!

Instead of paying a fixed amount every month, Bombfell mails you a set of clothing every month depending on what you put in your style profile.  You have 10 days to try on the clothes in the box.  Bombfell offers free shipping (both ways) and easy returns – so if you don’t like any of the items, you can send them right back!  You then get billed for the items you keep.  In terms of gifting, a $69 gift card will get him a high quality basic item, whereas the Luxury $199 month will cover premium brands, and even blazers and jackets!

Subscription Boxes for Men

Sidenote: another men’s clothing box, TrunkClub, offers the same service!


Price: $75/month

Comments: You can gift Mantrys in a one, three, or six month subscription. For $75 a month, you’ll receive 6 full-size artisan food products with recipes packaged in a wooden crate.  It’s the perfect gift for your self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ husband or boyfriend.

Subscription Boxes for Men

Urban Cargo:

Price: $17.95 / quarter

Shipped 4 times a year, the Urban Cargo ‘Box of Handsome’ makes the perfect gift for your well-groomed friends. The ‘Box of Handsome’ includes 3-5 samples of premium grooming products (from brands like Kyoku) and $5 store credit.

Subscription Boxes for Men

Curator & Mule:

Price: $60/”season”

Every few months, you’ll get shipped a box with stylish  accessories.  They’ll email you ahead of time before they ship their box, so you can skip a month whenever you want.

Subscription Boxes for Men

Bespoke Post:

Price: $45 / month

For $45 a month, you’ll get a themed box delivered to you that will upgrade your life with lifestyle products, accessories, and seasonal essentials.  You can gift this for 1, 3, or 6 months.

Subscription Boxes for Men

Birchbox Men:

Price: $20/month

Birchbox Women is one of the most popular beauty boxes out there, but men want in on the fun too!  Each Birchbox is filled with high-end grooming and lifestyle samples.  You can gift a Birchbox in 3, 6, and 12 month subscription packages.

Subscription Boxes for Men


We hope one of these will make a great last-minute gift for the man in your life!

Beauty Subscription Boxes

For your beauty junkie friend, these beauty subscription boxes make the perfect last minute gift.  These boxes will be delivered to your friend’s door step once a month (for as many months as you wish) and will allow them to explore and play with all different types of new, high-end beauty and lifestyle products! Here are the most popular beauty subscription boxes (that offer gifting services):


Price: $10/month

Comments: One of the most balanced beauty boxes, it provides you with 4-5 samples, including beauty, skincare, lifestyle, and health product samples.  So you might get anything from a sample lipstick or blush to a Luna bar or a hair band!

Gifting options: you can gift a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription!

Beauty subscription boxes



Price: $21/month

Comments: consisting of mostly deluxe or even full-sized products, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Gifting options: One box for $15, 3-month plan for $60, or 6-months for $115

Wedding box: 1 box for $40 (worth over $120), 3 boxes for $120.00, 6 boxes for $240, or 12 boxes for $480

Beauty subscription boxes

Popsugar Must Have Box:

Price: $35/month

Comments: For $35 a month, you’ll receive a lot of products – many full size – related to beauty, style and fashion, food, and fitness.  You can frequently get $200+ worth of products!

Gifting options: Popsugar doesn’t have a direct gifting option like other boxes, but if you sign your friend up and cancel your subscription after one month (or order one for yourself ahead of time), these make great gifts giving a wide range of products.

Beauty subscription boxes


Sample Society with Allure:

Price: $15, but comes with a $15 coupon if you spend $50+ on any full size sample at

Comments: Created by the beauty editors from Allure magazine, you’ll receive 5 deluxe sized samples every month and a mini-magazine filled with tips from Allure. If you buy a full sized sample using the $15 coupon, the box pays for itself!

Gifting options: 3 months for $45, 6 months for $90, or 12 months for $165! Your friend will receive a gift code (either emailed or given from you in person!) that he/she can redeem to start receiving the boxes!

Beauty subscription boxes


Beauty Army:

Price: $12/month

Comments: unlike other beauty subscription boxes, Beauty Army lets you choose your own 6 products and skip any month!

Gifting options: 3 months for $36, 6 months for $72, and 12 months for $132

Beauty subscription boxes


Price: $16/month

Comments: For $16 a month, you can get 6-7 trail sized samples.  But the biggest perk of Goodebox is the focus on all natural, eco-friendly products!

Gifting options: You can give 1, 2, 3, or 6 months of Goodebox to your friend!

Beauty subscription boxes



Need a gift before heading out the door? Quickly order a Hulu Plus account for your TV junkie friend, and your gift will be more appreciated than anyone else’s.  HuluPlus gives you unlimited streaming with limited advertising of current hit shows that you can view through your connected TV, computer, mobile device, or game console. You can choose out of a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month package, for only $7.99 a month!  Just pick a monthly package, customize your own chic looking e-card, add a personal message, and give!

A common question that comes up is – which should I get, Hulu Plus or Netflix? Netflix has a larger inventory of shows and movies, but HuluPlus lets you access more current shows, including new episodes just one day after they air.  They both are $7.99 a month. The real question is – why not both?


There’s no gift like the gift of music – or the gift of endless access to music online. Spotify is a fantastic service that allows users to access millions of different full-length songs online and create their own playlists.  Spotify Premium, however, allows users to also access their playlists on their smart phones, even when they’re offline.  It also gives the user better sound quality and NO ads.

It only costs $9.99 per month to give the gift of endless, mobile-accessible, high quality music.  You can pick between 1, 3, 6, and 12 month packages, enter a delivery date, and add a personal message!  Unfortunately, you can only send Spotify e-cards in the UK, Netherlands, and Norway, so for our US users, pick up a Spotify gift card in stores instead!

gift Spotify


If there’s one hobby everyone spends a little too much time on, its watching TV. If you need a last minute gift that will actually be useful, a Netflix gift account would be easily put to use… perhaps too much.  Netflix makes watching TV a portable, always accessible, and commercial free experience.  Also, its the only place you can watch House of Cards, a Netflix exclusive show that also happens to be the best show ever (you can’t argue with an 8.9/10 on IMDB!).

Buying a Netflix Gift Account is insanely easy.  You can decide how many months of Netflix you want to give out of a 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 month package. 1 month of Netflix is only $7.99! You can also choose out of a set of personalized e-gift cards, so your gift looks extra appropriate for its occasion. Add a personalized message, and you’re good to go!  You can email your gift card or print it and present it in person.

Netflix Gift Account

Interview Success Formula

And what can you get that 20-something child that spends a bit too much time at home playing HALO and not enough time pounding the pavement looking for work?

Hopefully, you’re not in that situation, but a lot of people are looking for work or looking to change jobs as the economy continues to recover. And there’s a great tool for that.

Interview Success Formula helps you land the job. It helps you close the deal.

interview success formula - interview preparation

You’ve been there. Palms sweating. Suit jacket feeling strangely tight as a dispassionate interviewer nonchalantly lobs grenades in the form of questions. You know your stuff. You can do the job. But it’s still tough to get everything across, especially the softer questions.

That’s the moment Interview Success Formula prepares you for. Here’s how it works:

  • you fill out an assessment (takes about 30 minutes)
  • the software compares that to thousands of successful professionals in a variety of fields
  • you get a report analyzing your assessment and giving you honest, good answers to tough questions like “What’s your biggest weakness?” (Hint: it’s not that you care too much.)

At $97, it’s not cheap. But the testimonials from customers are great.

There isn’t a specific gifting web page, but if you email, the company can arrange the transfer of your purchase on to a loved one.

iTunes Match

The recording industry has changed a lot over the past 20 years. We went from buying CDs at Best Buy, to being able to copy a friend’s disc, to pirating our music, to buying our music. (And now, ironically, I’m back to buying my CDs on Amazon…) Over that 20 years, I’ve acquired a lot of tunes in a lot of different formats. Many have the wrong titles. Many have poor quality. And since I, like many others, became an iPod/iPhone user, all of those tunes are organized in iTunes, Apple’s free media management application. Well Apple has a newer service that helps with those formatting issues. It also helps with the sheer size of the library, by allowing you to stream it to any device from anywhere. That service is called iTunes Match.

iTunes Match

Here’s the description from the website:

 iTunes determines which songs in your collection are available in the iTunes Store. Any music with a match is automatically added to iCloud for you to listen to anytime, on any device. … Even better, all the music iTunes matches plays back from iCloud at 256-Kbps AAC DRM-free quality — even if your original copy was of lower quality.

If you have a big audiophile in your life and they’re (roughly) between 25 and 35, you might find a great gift in iTunes Match. update: You can buy iTunes Match with a standard iTunes gift card. So if you need an easy way to gift this, you’ve got it!