Wine and Painting

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

–Pablo Picasso

So many of us loved drawing when we were kids. The world was full of possibilities, and there’s never a shortage of creativity. But somehow, so many of us lose that artist within us along the way, and most people never pick up a brush again. Thanks to numerous wine and painting franchises that have emerged in recent years, now is your chance to reconnect with that creative self again! You can explore the beauty of color while sipping on your favorite wine. If it sounds like something you might enjoy, track down your local franchise and get in touch with your artistic side. Here’s some example templates that you’ll be able to paint yourself:

Wine and Painting                      Wine and Painting

As you may have noticed, these paintings are simplified and  have helpful outlines to color in, so ZERO painting experience is required! You don’t even have to bring your own paint or brush. Just show up with a bottle of wine, your choice of snack, and let the creative juices flow!  With some simple guiding steps from an instructor, you’ll have a new, self-created piece of art in your living room in no time!

The largest franchise by far is Painting with a Twist, which has 94 locations in the nation. It is a Louisiana-based  business that has a strong presence in the south. There are 10 shops in greater Houston area alone. Some Painting with a Twist locations even offer a free S.O.S. session every month where you can finish the rest of your masterpiece or simply touch it up a bit.

One of their main competitors is Pinot’s Palette, which offers the same prices- $35 for two hours and $45 for three hours. They both offer gift certificates to which you can add a personal message!

There are other similar franchises, such as Wine and Canvas & Paintnite.

It’s the perfect experiential gift for a date night, a girls’ night out, and even bachelorette parties.

Feature image from Frank Kovalchek.

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