The Gift of a Clean House

Merry Maidmas!  Happy Cleanakah!

If you’re like me, you don’t have the time or, more importantly, the inclination to do any more than pick up the socks and shoes littered around the apartment.  But, despite my general cleanliness apathy, I still get that happy tingly feeling when I see a sparkling sink or dust-free baseboards.

This year my sister got me a maid service for my birthday.  They came for one session and it was glorious.  She was nervous about buying it for me because she thought I might be insulted.  Now, if you know me, this is clearly ridiculous.  I have no illusions about my housekeeping abilities and I think most people are the same.  I do the bare minimum to make my apartment presentable and I’ve never pretended to do more.

(The exception to this is the mother or mother-in-law.  No matter how good the relationship, buying a maid service for your daughter-in-law is a big gamble.  It’s like buying a giant basket of bath and body works for the smelly girl in your office – tempting but a very risky proposition).

So buy your loved one a good spring (or winter, fall, summer) cleaning!  We all need it and soon people will be asking themselves, ‘So that rug was white the whole time and not an intentionally chic eggshell?’ or ‘You mean to tell me that was a red wine stain and not just a piece of abstract modernism?’

I recommend using the handy to search for a local maid service near you.


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Feature image from Collin Anderson.

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