Movie Gift Cards

CheckedTwice Official Father Mark (a.k.a. Dad, Grandpa) is now officially retired. While he fills much of his time with his favorite hobbies (woodworking, going to gym, and shuttling grandchildren around), it’s nice to escape the real world every now and again. And his favorite way of doing that? One word for you:


One of the great benefits of being retired (besides the AARP membership) is the incredibly flexible schedule. And movie theaters have most certainly learned this. They’ll offer discounted tickets for matinee shows, that are sometimes doubly discounted for seniors. That adds up to your dollar going a long way at the theaters.

And that’s why movie theater gift cards can make a great gift for Grandpa.

movie gift cards

Movie trips can be an indulgence, and it’s nice to receive them as a gift. And your gift might go twice as far when combined with those senior discounts and matinee prices. Plus, Grandpa can go see all of those more violent movies that Grandma doesn’t like.

And if dad hasn’t exactly been good this year? You can get him one of these:

movie gift cards
Feature image from Daniel Cortes.

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