Drive a NASCAR!

Do you have a NASCAR crazy father like me? Why not give him the ultimate NASCAR experience – an opportunity to drive an actual Sprint Cup style stock car (a NASCAR car!).

nascar experience

The experience usually starts with a quick classroom session about high speed driving and safety instructions. Then, once your dad hops in 500 horse power racing machine, it’s rock ‘n roll time!  The roaring V-8 engine can propel the car up to 150+ mph. Passing is also allowed! Worried about safety? No need, he can drive at his own pace and will be in full radio contact with a support crew.

If there is a speedway near you, chances are they offer some kind of  NASCAR driving experience.

You can also choose 8 to 32 minutes packages from Add a 3-lap ride alongside a professional to experience the full potential of the 500 horse power stock car.

Is your dad more of an Indy fan? They also offer the same packages for Indy cars.  (For the less NASCAR-savvy: Indy cars are open wheel race car that looks like the ones in F1, only smaller).

It’s the perfect, fun, and unforgettable gift for Father’s Day or any time of year!

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