DIY Monogrammed Art

This is a super easy, and super customize able gift idea – and a great addition to any room! What is it? Washi Tape Monogram Art!

If you’re not familiar with Washi Tape – you will be soon as it has been sweeping the craft world in the US recently. According to, the washi tape phenomenon began in 2006 as a group of Japanese artists approached a tape manufacturer asking for colorful, decorative tapes. With the initial success, more colors and patterns were introduced and now there are TONS of options and it is readily available in craft stores and also for purchase online. Here’s a great application for it that can be modified depending on the occasion: washi tape monograms!

All you will need is some washi tape in the colors and patterns of your choice, a way to print block letters, scissors to cut them out, and a nice frame for a finishing touch. Visit Lia Griffith’s website for the full set of instructions! The pictures below are from her site – don’t they look great?! Once you’re there, browse, because her site is filled with awesome ideas!

WashiMonogramArt              WashiTapeMonogram

These could easily be done for a baby shower, a wedding shower, or a housewarming gift. Everyone loves a personalized gift and the gorgeous colors and patterns available in washi tape make it easy to make something beautiful!

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