DIY Gifts for Your Amazing Girlfriend

Maybe you’ve been dating an amazing girl for a little while and there is a gift-giving occasion on the horizon. You haven’t been dating so long that its appropriate to buy a nice fancy gift.. but you know that you’ve got to get her something and you want her to love it. Here’s your answer: girls like thoughtful gifts and DIY gifts get the job done. We’re not all painters or poets – so let’s explore some manly DIY gift ideas! Click the links in each post for more information from their sources.

Grown-Up Fort

diy gifts for girlfriendIn our Experience Gift Blog, we introduced building a fort for a playful child. Let’s take it up a notch and build one for you and your girlfriend! You and your sweetheart can snuggle underneath and enjoy a world of your own. Your fort can be indoors, outdoors, by a pool, or even in a tree! The possibilities are endless. Checkout Pinterest for some creative ideas that will fit your surroundings. Who doesn’t love a great fort?!

Instagram Coasters

diy gifts for girlfriendWe know most girls love Instagram and cute coasters are a great way to enhance a room’s decor. The idea of combining them is simply genius! FoamMagazine has some simple instructions on how to make it happen.

Wooden Bottle Opener

diy gifts for girlfriendDoes your girlfriend love beer? Although you can make a bottle opener out of just about anything, this rugged-looking bottle opener from ArtOfManliness gives you an opportunity to show off your woodworking skills (if you have any..) and manliness. You’ll need these tools:

  • Jigsaw (or a coping saw)
  • Dremel with sanding drum (or just regular sandpaper)
  • Drill/driver
  • 5/16″ and 5/32″ drill bits
  • Glue gun

Book Clutch

diy gifts for girlfriendThis may seem to contradict the “manly” comment at the beginning of the blog, but trust me, it’s worth it. In case you didn’t now, clutches are super popular these day and girls love them. Also, if the beer bottle opener project exceeds your woodworking skills, this clutch project from CaughtOnAWhim is perfect for you. Beware, although the clutch only requires a few materials, you will need to handle a needle and some thread. Maybe you can make it into a joint gift from you and your sister? Either way – it’s a great DIY gift that your girlfriend is sure to love!

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