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DIY Gifts for your active, imaginative child

We all know how children can come up with the craziest ideas.  They’re so playful and imaginative, and they always want you to play along with their wild story lines.  One day you’re working at a bakery, the next day you’re flying in space. You never know where their minds will take you!

But on those days when you need to take a break, these DIY gifts would be great ways to occupy them.

For the NASCAR racer in-the-making:

DIY felt race-track - diy gifts for kids - Give DIY

This DIY Felt Race-Track is an easy way to give your kids an energy outlet and race their toy cars as fast as they can. The best part? It’s an easy, no-sew project that you can even make with your kids.  I’d recommend attaching on a few pieces of velcro at each end to make the racetrack into a felt pouch that can work as toy car storage too!

For the Picasso in-the-making:

DIY chalkboard - diy gifts for kids - Give DIY

A chalkboard is the perfect way to let your creative child draw in a way that is eco-friendly.  But a plain black background can be tired or school-like, and it might not get your child excited about drawing.  This DIY chalkboard lets you make your own chalkboard with any colors you want!  Let your child’s imagine fly free — in color!

For the NFL stud in-the-making:

football shirt - diy gifts for kids - Give DIY

Your kid is so active, he already wants to become a big stud athlete – even if he doesn’t know the rules to the sport! Make him this awesome football t-shirt, and he won’t just play football, he’ll BE a football, and a pretty darn adorable one too.

For the professional baker in-the-making:

DIY Kitchenette - diy gifts for kids - Give DIY

Your child always wants to bake cookies, but the oven and knives in the kitchen can be dangerous! Take an old piece of furniture, paint it up, and add some fake wooden stove parts to make this adorable and totally kid-friendly DIY Kitchenette.

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