DIY Gifts for your Trendy Sister

Let’s face it – you’re only slightly cool because you have a sister. She taught you how to wear skinny jeans, how to get your crush to notice you, what indie bands are cool, and how to not care about what other people think. She’s always up to date with the latest trends, and people automatically like you a little more when they realize she’s your sister. So what do you give to the person who’s always one step ahead?

DIY gifts are the perfect solution. They’re a meaningful way to say thanks for all the life lessons she’s taught you, and the fact that they’re handmade makes them way more trendy than the latest fashion fad. Click on the link in each idea to be taken to the source for more information and a how-to!

For the sister that you used to make forts with:

DIY Throw Blanket - DIY Gifts for your trendy sister - Give DIY
DIY Throw Blanket

Days of making forts with blankets and chairs may long be gone, but a hand-decorated blanket still makes the perfect gift. This throw blanket is perfect for curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn for movie night, or keeping her puppy Daisy warm.  Best of all, this blanket will fit in her room no matter what, whether its Disney Princess themed or a trendy loft in New York City.

For the sister who makes every outfit perfect with a scarf:

DIY scarf  - DIY Gifts for your trendy sister - Give DIY

DIY scarf  - DIY Gifts for your trendy sister - Give DIY







Your sister probably has a solid-colored scarf to match every occasion. But you can spice up her collection by taking a plain scarf and decorating it with your own personalized stamp. These hand-stamped scarves (like this starburst scarf and this constellation scarf) look so soft and pretty that they’re guaranteed to leave her feeling like a star.

Also, add these hand-painted flats to make the perfect gift set!

For the sister who loves to accessorize:

DIY accessories - DIY Gifts for your trendy sister - Give DIY

An outfit is never complete without accessories, but these jewels can become rusty and add up in cost quickly.  Make her your own accessories with fun, geometric shapes that she can layer over anything!

Not sure if these are trendy enough that she will approve? Have her make a wishlist on CheckedTwice so you know exactly what her latest faze is all about.

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