DIY Gifts for the cousin you don’t really know that well…

Going to a family reunion soon?  Need to get something for that cousin that you’ve only met 4 times?  Or maybe you’ve already done the Amazon gift card a couple of times?

Well this year try some DIY Gifts that are easy to make, versatile, eye-catching, and a little more meaningful than cash in a card. Click on the title of each post to be taken to the source for more information and a how-to.

DIY Chalkboard Tray

This DIY chalkboard tray could not be easier to make, and will help you get rid of some of the supplies cluttering up your kitchen. Draw a simple chalk design and add a few candles to give a great gift that can add a simple decorative touch to any room. Give them some chalk too so they can customize it how they want!

DIY Artsy Pouch

This DIY pouch can be customized to be as flashy, plain, masculine or feminine of a design as you want, but it can literally be used for ANYTHING – from a trendy clutch for a night out to a pencil pouch for a 4th grader.  Use it to store cosmetic supplies, stationary, tools, receipts… anything! You can’t go wrong by giving a simple pouch like this.

DIY Fabric Coasters

We all know coasters are not only useful but a nice touch of decor on any table. And they can be used with everything – a cup of coffee, a glass of tea, or a bottle of beer. It’s just a fact of life – everyone can use a coaster.  Take some plain coasters that you have lying around and pretty them up with some patterned fabric to make a great gift!

DIY Laptop Case

These days, everyone is carrying their laptops around with them whether to classes, work, or a coffee shop.  Gift a DIY protective case that will look awesome and protect their laptop while they’re out and about. BTW, make sure you know the size of the laptop before you get started!

DIY Lip Balm – and TONS of it!

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 4.29.13 PM

Gifting cosmetics and skin products can be tricky due to different preferences and skin types, but who doesn’t need just a nice, moisturizing lip balm?  This simple lip balm recipe is really easy to make – and in bulk, so you can gift them to your entire family.

Still feeling awkward about deciding on a gift? Use CheckedTwice to sign your whole family up for wishlists, so you know exactly what to get that cousin you don’t know very well.

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