Diy Gifts for our Favorite, Crafty Moms

We all know how much we love our moms.  They spent at least 18 years of their lives feeding us every day, packing our lunches, cleaning our rooms, decorating our homes, making us feel loved.  And of course, we never appreciate it nearly as much as they deserve.

This time, however, we can thank our mothers with a gift that is just as special and homemade as the cookies they made for us after school.  These DIY gifts would be great for our crafty, insanely hard working mothers. Click on the link in each gift to be taken to the source for more information and a how-to!

For the mom that loves to decorate:

DIY Triangle Shelves - diy gift for mother - Give Diy
DIY Triangle Shelves


From one of our favorite DIY Blogs, A Beautiful Mess, these Triangle Shelves add the perfect geometric burst of color to any plain white wall.  These shelves require a little more “construction” skills for a DIY project, but they’re still easy to make and can instantly brighten up a room!

Looking for easier DIY home projects? Check out A Beautiful Mess’s DIY Porch Pillows and DIY Chandelier.

For the mom that makes the best homemade food:

diyapronscarf - diy gift for mother - Give Diy

Nothing says “thanks for all the after school cookies!” like this simple, cute, everyday scarf apron. It’s so easy and quick to make that you could easily make her a set of three!

For the mom that loves tea:

DIY Mugs - diy gift for mother - Give Diy
DIY Mugs

This adorable tea set is the perfect gift to your overworked mom that just wants to relax, read a book, and sip some tea. Again, another very simple DIY project that you can make as customized as you want, making this the perfect gift for any occasion!

For the mom that misses her kids too much:

DIY Handmade Cards - diy gift for mother - Give Diy
DIY Handmade Cards

We know our moms love us, but some can’t help getting a little extra teary-eyed and sentimental every time we say goodbye. Instead of sending her a regular greeting card this year, make this simple, adorable, and very personal set of mini-story cards to remind her just why she’s the best mom ever.

Still looking for inspiration?  Ask your mom to make her wishlist using CheckedTwice, a wonderful site that can re-connect the whole family for your next gift giving event.

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