Gifts for Sporty Freshman

College is all about work–life balance. Let your sporty freshman take on their first year with some neat sports related gear.

GoPro for the Extreme Sports Lover

gifts for active freshmen

GoPro is a shock and water proof camera designed for outdoor activities and extreme sport such as biking, snowboarding, swimming, surfing, kayaking and even hiking. These cameras can shoot videos in Full-HD (30fps for 1080p and 60fps for 720p) and can take picture at up to a 12 megapixel resolution. They also have WiFi connectivity and come with WiFi remotes. The cameras are, even the older models, a bit on the pricy side ($200-$400), but if your favorite freshman is an outdoor enthusiast, there really can’t be a more perfect gift. Check out the sick video below for a sneak preview of what this baby can do:

Performance Monitor Watch

gifts for active freshmen











It doesn’t matter if your freshman is a cardio machine or does weight training 6 days a week, a solid trainer watch will definitely make the workout more effective and fun. It tracks heart rate, current speed, average speed, pace, average pace, distance, calories and more in real time.  It’s also water proof so swimmers can benefit from this watch as well. Although trainer watches are usually pretty bulky, this model is small enough to be used as an everyday watch.

Team Merchandise

Is your freshman a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan? Or is he a loyal Celtics fan? There is no better way to show off your loyalty than watching the game in your team jersey, especially if they are away from their home teams.

gifts for active freshmen











However, Jerseys are usually pretty expensive. If you think a team jersey is a little out of your price range. Try one of these team caps. It’s significantly cheaper and your freshman can wear it whenever they want. Hair’s too messy and there’s not time to wash up before class? No problem, just put on a hat and you’re good to go.

gifts for active freshmen











Feature image from Wikimedia.

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