Gifts for the Nephew that is Too-Cool-For-School

Your nephew just graduated from high school and is heading to college, and you can’t wait to get him a a great gift.  You offer to get him some cool posters to decorate his new dorm room, but he just rolls his eyes (in this thick-rimmed non-prescription glasses), scoffs, and says, “Posters?  The bands I listen to are too underground to have posters.”

You’re left there, stumped, half thinking “kids these days,” half wondering – what in the world do you get your nephew that is clearly too cool for school?

Luckily, we have excellent suggestions for gifts for your hipster, new-to-college nephew.  They are practical, affordable, and totally not mainstream.

1. Leather Backpack

Every student needs a backpack to lug around those heavy textbooks.  This leather backpack is way more stylish than your typical backpack, but still less obscure than the popular tote bag.  This canvas backpack is another great alternative.

hipster giftshipster gifts


2. Coffee (from the right cafes)

Coffee is definitely a major element to the life of the hipster, but its even more necessary in college.  However, giving the hipster a Starbucks gift card is completely the wrong move – he would never be caught dead in somewhere so commercialized!  Try gifting coffee from these hipster favorites – Stumptown, Philz Coffee, and Intelligentsia.  These cafes can only be found in cities like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Portland – in other words, hipster central cities.

hipster giftshipster giftshipster gifts

Additionally, this personal coffee maker (& travel mug!) will work great in a dorm room:

hipster gifts


3. A ridiculous graphic t-shirt

Every too-cool-for-school hipster owns a graphic-t with a witty pun that matches his/her own snarky sense of humor.  This t-shirt? Ridiculous, adorable, and funny.

hipster gifts


4. A loose, denim button up

The classic mistake gift that hipsters always receive is a flannel shirt.  Flannel shirts are for mainstream, wannabe hipsters.  Real hipsters wear denim.

hipster giftshipster gifts

These denim shirts (for females or males) are soft, high quality, and perfect for the effortless look that every hipster goes for.

Can you think of some really obscure, underground gifts?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Feature image from Cubmundo.

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