Gifts for the Future Unemployed “Philosophers”

Do you have that nephew who always brings “big questions” to the family diner table? Does he also have a huge sketch of Nietzsche hanging from his ceiling like Paul Dano in Little Miss Sunshine?  Let’s put a smile on his face before college.

First of all, never get him a book. Philosophers tend to be pretty selective about “presentable” books, so whatever book you give him will probably end up on the bottom shelf and  be known as “the stupid book my aunt gave me once”.

Now, let take a look at some better options:

Little Thinkers

gifts for philosopher











Your freshman philosopher might get lonely on a “shallow” college campus, so get him a doll to play with! This Socrates doll stands a mighty 11 inches tall and appears full of wisdom with his white hair, beard, and toga. It’s also a great conversation starter when people visit his room.

Harmless T-shirts

gifts for philosopher











“Nietzsche loved kitties. Thus Meowed Zarathustra.” Funny philosophy T shirts can also be a great gift for your freshman. Since an average college student won’t do laundry until he runs out of underwear, one can never have too many T-shirts, especially the ones can get his personality across.

Philosophy Magazines (Not Journals)

gifts for philosopher











Aren’t magazines for people who can’t read a real book? Absolutely! Think of these as People Magazine for your favorite philosophers. After all, everyone needs some light reading, even the brainiacs. Philosophy Now  “aims to corrupt innocent citizens by convincing them that philosophy can be exciting, worthwhile and comprehensible, and also to provide some light and enjoyable reading matter for those already ensnared by the muse, such as philosophy students and academics.” It comes out every two months and has an annual subscription fee of only $32! The Philosophers Magazine is another great choice, which is an “independent quarterly, devoted to presenting great philosophical work in an accessible and entertaining format”.

Feature image from J.D. Falk.

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