Gifts for the Artist in Training

College is arguably the best time for artsy types- personal freedom, a fairly liberal environment, and little financial pressure.  Their lives are still full of possibilities, and their minds can still run wild with imagination! Here are some gift ideas for the budding artist heading off to college.

Muses: Women Who Inspire

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Does your artist always complain that life is boring and he needs inspiration? Well, get him a muse.  Muses: Women Who Inspire tells the stories of  “thirty-three women who enthralled society’s artistic geniuses and thus inspired the creation of some of the greatest works of the past two centuries”. The author, Farid Hamed Abdelouahab, is an art and photography historian. The book contains some breathtakingly beautiful photographs and artwork. This book is sure to provide some gorgeous inspiration!


gifts for young artist

Lomo is a new type of point-and-shoot photography developed in Europe during the 90s. The cameras have no motors (usually), no light meters, no exposure controls, and the lens are usually made out of plastic. These factors are largely responsible for the “high-contrast photographs – with unusual saturation and color”. Why should you buy these cameras then? Well, they’re artistic and unique. Literally no two lomo are alike since all of the lens are “flawed” differently.

This camera will make an awesome gift for your artsy freshman. He/she can use lomo pictures to upload on Facebook, decorate their rooms, and even as part of their collage for an art class. They’ll quickly dive into the art scene on campus and fully explore their artistic side. And the best part is, since lomos are a bit low-tech, these cameras are super cheap! An average lomo picture looks something like this (from Elsamuko):

gifts for young artist


Apple Jacket

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Let’s face it, your artsy freshman probably knows how to style up the most mundane things.  To stay on that track, this hand-knit apply jacket on Esty is made of 100% acrylic, is machine washable and dryable, and is ridiculously adorable.

Plus, he’ll never eat a bruised apple again!

Feature image from The Guardian.

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