volcano bowl

Volcano Bowl

Nothing says PARTY like setting your drink on fire! If you are feeling festive, beachy, or simply want to impress your guests, try these volcano bowls and you won’t be disappointed.

volcano bowl

These bowls can hold up to 32 oz of delicious cocktails of your choice to be shared as communal beverage.  With these 17 inch neon straws, two (or more) people can enjoy the cool fruitiness simultaneously without getting consumed by fire. You can buy these ceramic bowls from Amazon, and yes, they are dishwasher safe.

As far as making the perfect drink goes for a bowl this size, try SummitSip’s recipe,

Volcano Bowl
6 oz grapefruit juice
2 oz lime juice
.75 oz grade A maple syrup
.5 oz simple syrup
3 oz Demerara rum
2 oz Jamaican rum
1 oz gold rum

Shake with lots of crushed ice and pour unstrained into your bowl filled with ice cubes. Add straws, and if appropriate, setup your volcano with 151-proof rum or other high-proof spirit and set it on fire. Dim the lights and carefully avoid the flames as you sip. Hula dancing is optional.

Let’s check out this bad boy in action:


This is a fantastic gift for cocktail enthusiasts who love that extra dramatic touch.

Feature image from DrinkStuff.com.

Post image from Binder Of Daemons.

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