The Art of a Dry Ice Cocktail

Here’s an interesting way to celebrate your next Halloween: make a spooky, dry ice cocktail for your loved ones (well, your age 21 and above loved ones).

Check the Yellow Pages for ice suppliers in your area and ask them if they have food-grade dry ice, which is basically frozen carbon dioxide. Be careful – It is extremely cold, so use some ice tongs! Add a big enough chunk to your bowl to keep it out of the straws, but a little will go a long way. It will sink to the bottom and start to transform directly from solid to gas. As this happens, it will create a smoke effect which can be just as fun as the flame in this drink. In this case, think of your entire bowl as the volcano crater! It’s just carbon dioxide, but it’s in your drink – which is why you should only use food grade dry ice.

dry ice cocktail

Now imagine all the other cool effects you can make with dry ice…

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