Little Measuring Cup

I mentioned this in an earlier post on jiggers, but I thought it merited another, more formal, mention in its own post. I like a good cocktail. Which means, I like a precisely created cocktail.

I like variety and simplicity when I’m making cocktails for myself, but I don’t like doing dishes. So when I’m making an Aviation for myself, I’ll leave the jiggers in the cabinet and turn to my trusted angled Oxo mini-measuring cup.

liquid measuring cup for cocktails

The measuring cup has angled measuring surface (giving it the strange shape). And that means you don’t have to bend down to counter level to read it. You can look straight down at the surface as you’re pouring and quickly and accurately measure the pours.

And because you can measure any amount, you don’t have to get several jiggers dirty each time you make a cocktail. (This keeps my wife slightly happier with me.)

My only problem with this cup is it list 1/4, 1/2, and 1 oz, but not 3/4 oz… quite the common measurement! But the ease of use still makes it a great gift for the cocktail enthusiast. And at less than $10, it can make a great stocking stuffer or a portion of a themed gift.

Happy Black Friday!

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