Now, I’ll admit: as our kid-focused week continues, Friday Night Cocktails is a bit of stretch. But that’s not going to stop us. No sir! We shall overcome. So what’s a good piece of gear for libation lovers of all ages?

How bout a good juicer?
cocktail juicer

There’s nothing like fresh squeezed, either with your morning cereal or with your evening Last Word. The freshness makes the difference. But all that hand-squeezing is no fun. And we’re not going to go crazy with a giant counter-top juicer. What’s in the middle?

A good manual juicer, like the (admittedly horribly name) Chef’n Juicester, available on Amazon. This one may not be best if you just juice grapefruits, but for limes, lemons, and oranges this should do the trick. It also has a measuring cup on the bottom, making it easy to measure out the juice for a cocktail.

It’s on my CheckedTwice list, if not my niece’s. 🙂

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