Icecream Dishes

Cocktails should taste good. That’s first and foremost. But cocktails are supposed to really look good, too. And on that dimension, you can’t have a good looking cocktail in a bad looking glass.

So if you’ve a cocktail enthusiast in your life, get them some creative glassware. Here’s my trick: ice cream dishes.

Icecream dishes for cocktail

Small ice cream dishes can be great for a minimum volume boozy cocktail, particularly with a nice garnish in it. My wife brought home a few never-used-anymore glass ice cream dishes from her grandmother a few months ago, and I use them whenever I have company for cocktails.

If you’re getting together with family, try going out to your local junk store. You might be able to find some dishes with real character.

Watch out for capacities when shopping online, though. You wouldn’t want a dish that holds 13 ounces… That’d be a punch bowl. ¬†As American’s waistlines have grown, so have their ice cream bowls… or vice versa!

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