How to build a better ice cube

With this post, you’re getting a good view of my wishlist. Our refrigerator has an ice maker, and that’s the ice I use for cocktails. And that works pretty well. But for a fancier, that quickly made ice isn’t as pretty as it could be. And if it’s not freshly made, it can get that “old ice” taste.

I have some whiskey stones, and for some drinks, that’ll do the trick. They look fancy and they don’t impart any taste.

But what about those cocktails where you need the ice to add a little water to the drink? What do you do then? What’s the right ice?

Here’s what you want: beautiful, clear spheres and cubes, that are larger than your average ice cube.

cocktail ice mold

The gold standard comes from Japan. Check these ice molds out! I saw these in our hotel’s bar while we were in Tokyo. It’s an amazing effect to the ice sphere almost the same size as the glass with your whiskey. But at $200? It’s a little pricey for frozen water.

Well here’s what’s on Andrew list on CheckedTwice. I haven’t tried out the products, but I can’t wait to get that opportunity.

The first contender is in the sphere category: Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds. These molds have a screw top which keeps the ice under a bit of pressure. (The reviews have a lot of information.) They won’t come out as clean as the Japanese model, but it’ll still make an impact.

Our second contender is in the cube category: Polar Ice Crystal Clear Ice Cube Tray. These molds are exciting, and as ThinkGeek puts it: “Be classy with Science!” The bottom of the tray is insulated, so the ice freezes in a slow orderly manner. This pushes any impurities in the water towards the bottom where it can be removed at the end.

Will it work? I don’t know. We’ll see in January… I hope!

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