Bar Spoons!

Not all cocktails are created equal. Many are shaken. Some extremely delicious cocktails are stirred. Get your finger out that drink! You need the right tools for the job. Yeah. I’m talking to you Susan Hayden.

You need a bar spoon. And actually, I’m going to say you need two bar spoons: one with a simple end and one with a weighted cone at the end.

bar spoons

So why is this so complicated? Here’s what you can do with these magical items:

  • Measuring Ingredients: It’s handy for measuring small amounts of ingredients: a spoonful is about an 1/8 ounce. A couple spoonfuls for 1/4 ounce.
  • Stirring Cocktails: I think this is best done with the non-spoon end of the bar spoon with the simple end.
  • Cracking Ice: Hold a larger cube in your hand, and use the weighted end of the cone end to break the ice before mixing.
  • Floating Layers: Carefully pour from a spout off the side of the cone end of the spoon for a perfect floated layer.

They’re cheap enough for a stocking stuffer, but consider wrapping it out of the package. It’ll be funnier.

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