So what’s a charitable gift suitable for kids? Well how about a charitable gift FOR the kids. The good people at have a great way to do it.

gift donation for school

DonorsChoose is a bit like Kickstarter or Kiva. You pick where your donation is going to go. But DonorsChoose is specifically focused on schools and education. (See! It’s for the kids!)

Here’s how it works: Teachers submit projects for funding. Those projects are vetted by DonorsChoose, so you know the supplies are going to real teachers with real projects. The projects get listed onto the website where you (the noble donor) can give any amount you like to fund that project. Once the project has met it’s funding goals, DonorsChoose sends the equipment and supplies to the teacher. And voila! The kids learn new and awesome stuff.

And DonorsChoose makes it easy to give a donation as a gift. They actually have a bunch of options to choose from, so you can customize how you want the gift to appear and function.

This can be a great way to raise money for a local school, or to teach your child to look out for other kids. Check it out at

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