Lost Cities

It my pleasure this week to introduce you to a great two-player game. Two-player games are nice because you don’t need to coordinate much. You need just one friend or a significant other, and voila! You’re ready to play. And if you don’t have one friend, let us know. We’ll be right over.

This great two-player game is called Lost Cities.

lost cities : two-player card game

In Lost Cities, you are an Indiana Jones era¬†archaeological explorer, venturing into the ruins of ancient and amazing cities. Or, at least that’s what I picture as I lay my cards down. The game dynamic is a little like Coloretto. You try to get many of one thing, while not getting too little of another.

You and the other player take turns laying down cards, trying to mount profitable expeditions to different cities. You have to get over twenty points in an expedition… otherwise the expedition is a loser, and you lose points.

The game play is pretty quick. You’ll commit to an expedition and typically move steadily on that track. But amidst the standard play, there are a few moments where you can lose yourself in strategy. Should I start an expedition to the gold city or the green city? The green is a bigger risk but with a bigger reward. Am I up for the risk?

Those moments keep the game engaging and fresh for many a replay. Try it out for a great gift!

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