Gift Ideas

Watsi has Gift Cards!

Looking for a last minute? How about a last minute gift that can make a HUGE difference in someone’s life?

Watsi is a non-profit organization that connects donors to people around the world in need of medical treatment, but unable to pay for that medical treatment.


You see a patients story, learning about their lives and their medical condition. Once you select a patient, 100% of your donation goes on to that patient’s medical needs. And most patients are in areas where health care costs are relatively low, so your dollars can go a long way.

And now they have Gift Cards. Someone you can love can make a real difference in someone’s life. There’s an option too for email delivery, so it’s not too late to get that gift.

Watsi Logo

This is a great time of year for gifts, and it’s also a great time to give back and think of others. Give a thoughtful, impactful gift with Watsi Gift Cards.

A DIY Box for Crafters

Here’s a great gift for a crafty friend or family member – WhimseyBox! Each month, for $15, a box arrives at your doorstep with everything you need to complete a fun project including materials and instructions. Gift subscriptions can be purchased for 3 mos. for $45, for 6 mos. for $90, or for a full year for $165. Each Whimseybox includes:

  • DIY Project Materials
  • Project Instructions
  • Reusable Organization Box
  • 5×7 Collectible Art Print
  • Free Shipping

To get started, click here to go to their Gift Subscription page. Here are some of their recent projects:



Concert Tickets

Concert tickets are a way cool experiential gift – especially if the recipient is someone who is really into music. Buying 2 or 4 tickets to see one of their favorite bands can easily create an experience that stays with them for years to come and they’ll have you to think of and thank each time they remember the experience. If you’re unsure of what type of music they like, you could instead get a gift certificate or gift card that covers the face value cost of the tickets + any purchase fees. Here are some sites that will help you see upcoming shows in different cities nationally with links to purchase tickets:

If you’re looking for tickets to a show that has sold out or you are looking for seats that aren’t available from the main ticket seller, these sites may be helpful:

This type of gift experience can also easily include tickets to a play or a sporting event. Giving someone the opportunity to experience something that they’ll enjoy and help them create happy memories is a gift that can’t go wrong!

Pic from Flickr User Beograd


World Wildlife Fund

Is your intended gift recipient an animal lover? The World Wildlife Fund offers a Gift Adoption Card that is a cute and charitable way to give. These cards, which can be purchased in increments of $50, are a symbolic “adoption” of an animal.  The recipient can choose which type of animal to adopt (from over 100 different species!) and will receive a thank you gifts that include:


  • A soft plush version of their adoption animal
  • A Species Spotlight card full of fascinating information about the animal
  • A handsome 5″x7″ adoption certificate, suitable for framing
  • A beautiful 5″x7″ full-color photo of their adoption animal
  • A drawstring gift bag

They’ll receive something tangible as a thank you and the best part is that the donation goes toward supporting WWF’s conservation efforts worldwide. This is a great gift for kids as they’ll learn about the WWF, feel the good that comes from giving to charity, but will still get something cuddly to love.


To learn more about this program, click here. To learn more about the World Wildlife Fund and their conservation efforts, visit their main website at


DIY Monogrammed Art

This is a super easy, and super customize able gift idea – and a great addition to any room! What is it? Washi Tape Monogram Art!

If you’re not familiar with Washi Tape – you will be soon as it has been sweeping the craft world in the US recently. According to, the washi tape phenomenon began in 2006 as a group of Japanese artists approached a tape manufacturer asking for colorful, decorative tapes. With the initial success, more colors and patterns were introduced and now there are TONS of options and it is readily available in craft stores and also for purchase online. Here’s a great application for it that can be modified depending on the occasion: washi tape monograms!

All you will need is some washi tape in the colors and patterns of your choice, a way to print block letters, scissors to cut them out, and a nice frame for a finishing touch. Visit Lia Griffith’s website for the full set of instructions! The pictures below are from her site – don’t they look great?! Once you’re there, browse, because her site is filled with awesome ideas!

WashiMonogramArt              WashiTapeMonogram

These could easily be done for a baby shower, a wedding shower, or a housewarming gift. Everyone loves a personalized gift and the gorgeous colors and patterns available in washi tape make it easy to make something beautiful!

Nerdblock: Subscription Boxes for Nerds!

We just heard about Nerdblock, a subscription box service for nerds, and it looks pretty great. Basically, you subscribe, give them your t-shirt size, and then each month you’ll receive a box with a new t-shirt and some cool toys. They’re involved with brands like Marvel, Disney, Nintendo, and Star Wars – so you know there’s going to be great stuff in those boxes! It’s only $19.99 per month.. but if you’re interested, subscribe today, because there are a limited number of boxes that go out each month.

These boxes would make a great gift.. but we won’t blame you if you sign up for yourself!

For more information, or to sign up, visit

nerdblock logo

DIY Gifts for Your Amazing Girlfriend

Maybe you’ve been dating an amazing girl for a little while and there is a gift-giving occasion on the horizon. You haven’t been dating so long that its appropriate to buy a nice fancy gift.. but you know that you’ve got to get her something and you want her to love it. Here’s your answer: girls like thoughtful gifts and DIY gifts get the job done. We’re not all painters or poets – so let’s explore some manly DIY gift ideas! Click the links in each post for more information from their sources.

Grown-Up Fort

diy gifts for girlfriendIn our Experience Gift Blog, we introduced building a fort for a playful child. Let’s take it up a notch and build one for you and your girlfriend! You and your sweetheart can snuggle underneath and enjoy a world of your own. Your fort can be indoors, outdoors, by a pool, or even in a tree! The possibilities are endless. Checkout Pinterest for some creative ideas that will fit your surroundings. Who doesn’t love a great fort?!

Instagram Coasters

diy gifts for girlfriendWe know most girls love Instagram and cute coasters are a great way to enhance a room’s decor. The idea of combining them is simply genius! FoamMagazine has some simple instructions on how to make it happen.

Wooden Bottle Opener

diy gifts for girlfriendDoes your girlfriend love beer? Although you can make a bottle opener out of just about anything, this rugged-looking bottle opener from ArtOfManliness gives you an opportunity to show off your woodworking skills (if you have any..) and manliness. You’ll need these tools:

  • Jigsaw (or a coping saw)
  • Dremel with sanding drum (or just regular sandpaper)
  • Drill/driver
  • 5/16″ and 5/32″ drill bits
  • Glue gun

Book Clutch

diy gifts for girlfriendThis may seem to contradict the “manly” comment at the beginning of the blog, but trust me, it’s worth it. In case you didn’t now, clutches are super popular these day and girls love them. Also, if the beer bottle opener project exceeds your woodworking skills, this clutch project from CaughtOnAWhim is perfect for you. Beware, although the clutch only requires a few materials, you will need to handle a needle and some thread. Maybe you can make it into a joint gift from you and your sister? Either way – it’s a great DIY gift that your girlfriend is sure to love!

DIY Gifts for Your Dorky Boyfriend

Boyfriends can be hard to shop for. Are you thinking of making something yourself but not sure how he’ll react? Don’t worry, guys are a lot more sentimental than you think (or they’d like to think). And we have just the selection for your nerdy but otherwise perfect boyfriend.

Beer Cake

diy gifts for boyfriend

You’ll be hard pressed to find a man on earth that doesn’t like beer so this gift is a very safe bet. It’s also super easy to make and you can throw it together at the very last minute if you need to. All you need is a case of  his favorite beer, some cardboard cut to separate the cake layers and some ribbon. You can even use a hot glue gun if you want to write something on the ribbon. Detailed instructions can be found at Big K Little G and eightsixeleven. And here some different designs on Pinterest for inspiration.

Nebula Pillow

diy gifts for boyfriend

If you are a bit on the artsy side, and your boyfriend is into space, then this is just for you. Whimseybox has a tutorial on how to make a nebula pillow using Ink Effects from DecoArt. Throw pillows look great just about anywhere and this one has a sweet design for your dorky man. Alas, if it seems too complicated, there’s another artsy gift below.

Wall Art

diy gifts for boyfriend

While real art might be too much for most guys, silhouettes are perfect. Think of three of his favorite things and make a nice set of wall art for him. Here’s a tutorial at DesignSponge. This is an easy, thoughtful project that will look great on any wall!

Beef Jerky!

diy gifts for boyfriend

All men love to eat.. and what’s always near the top of their list? Meat.  And if you have any experience in the kitchen, making DIY beef jerky from Art of Manliness will likely be a piece cake for you. I shared the idea with one of my buddies and got the response, “I’ll marry whoever makes me beef jerky”. Yeah, that’s how much we love beef jerky. Thoughtful and delicious!

And if you want to take it up a notch, check out this Brief Jerky from Instructables.

Naughty Gifts & Your Hot Self

Hands down my personal favorite. Sky is the limit. Go wild!


Gifts for the Geek III: Revenge of the Fun Geeky Gifts

Not everything a geek does has a practical reason behind it. Geeks like to have fun too – in their own way. So in this post I will be presenting some fun geeky gifts that are a little silly but a lot of fun. Click on the link in each description to get more info!

Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

Lets start off with the Star Trek Electronic Door Chime. This gadget would make a great gift for the Trekkie in your life and  non-Trekkies will enjoy it too. Anyone who has their own room, really! This door chime can be set to respond with a door opening sound or a Red Alert sound from Star Trek which will add some character to your geek’s room at warp speed.


Schrödinger’s Cat Executive Decision Maker

As your geek journeys through his/her college career there will certainly be many decisions that he/she will have to make. Some of these decisions will be ones that need time and effort, while others will be much less crucial (“should I eat tacos today?” falls into the less crucial category). For these less important decisions get your geek the Schrödinger’s Cat Executive Decision Maker. Ask a “yes” or “no” question, open the door of this gadget, and let Schrödinger’s cat make that decision for you. Your physics fans will absolutely appreciate this gift.


Mason Jar Speaker Amplifier

College is usually a place where your musical tastes will probably go through a major revamping for better or worse. A great gift for a freshman geek is a way to play all their music in the  geekiest way possible. Enter the Mason Jar Speaker Amplifier!  This completely self contained speaker/amplifier will allow your geek to take their music anywhere with them and look pretty cool while doing so.

geeky speaker/amplifer

Floppy Disk Drink Coasters

Looking for a cheap gift that is both a fun and useful gift? Check out these Floppy Disk Drink Coasters. Not only will this soft cushion prevent your drink from leaving residue on tables but it also a really cool geeky accessory.


Featured image from HJ Media Studios.

Gifts for Music Lovers (Speakers)

Nothing says more about your personality in college than the music you listen to,whether it’s AC/DC or the Jonas Brothers.  The ideal speakers for college student are active/powered speakers, which means they have built-in amplifiers and don’t require a bulky and expensive receiver. You can also connect these speakers to iPods or laptops directly. Here are some ideas:

Hands Down Best Value – Cyber Acoustics

speakers for dorm room









This three-piece speaker system comes with two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. It also has desktop control pod which controls power, volume, and bass, with headphone jack and auxiliary input. It simply doesn’t get better than this for a system under $50.

Cute Look Leading Edge Water Dancing Speakers

speakers for dorm room











These speakers might not have the most robust build or sound quality, but they are sooooo cool! Your melody will be perfectly matched with dancing water and multicolor LED lights. Perfect for the freshman that loves to entertain in their dorm room.

Best Quality –  Bose Companion 5 Multimedia

speakers for dorm room











A virtual 5.1 sound system with only 3 speakers, these Bose speakers produce so much bass that they’re almost as powerful as PA speakers. It uses simple USB connectivity, so no sound card upgrade, no extra software, adapters or wiring needed.  With these speakers, your freshman can easily turn his dorm room into a club. The only downside is that these may lead to noise complaints…

Best Quality for a Lot Less – Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

speakers for dorm room










These Harman Kardon speakers offer pretty much everything that the Bose set does, except for the surround sound effects, for less than half the price. If not for the sound quality, the space age jelly fish look will certainly put a smile on your favorite freshman’s face.