Local WordPress Settings

WordPress Settings can be a bit of Mess

Our blog was a bit out of date, right?  So we wanted to bring the blog into the larger CheckedTwice fold with a customized look and feel. I brought the blog down to create a local dev environment. That way I could play with anything I wanted and I completely blew it up, that was ok. I’d keep my working copy online.

Then, the problems began.

There are a TON of non-obvious settings buried around wordpress. Next time I do this, I will do a clean install of wordpress, then point it back to my database at CheckedTwice. But even that wouldn’t have saved me from one issue:

wp-config.php needs to additional things defined when the URL is less obvious, I suppose:


(“dev.blog:8080” is the name I gave my local blog. You’d need to substitue whatever name you gave yours in, for example, apache’s httpd.conf)


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