How I learned to stop worrying and love the blog

I came to today sitting in the corner of my apartment, rocking myself gently as I stared at nothing.

This is what the constant optimization of Google Adwords has brought me to. I was running experiments constantly. Checking the performance constantly. Looking up quality scores constantly. And then, finally, the advice I had received from a good number of people finally made it through my thick skull.

Content is king.

Focus on content and the rest will follow. But what could I do, right? CheckedTwice is a product. It has its benefits–and they’re great!–but we’ve already covered that. What additional content can we bring to the table? What will people want to link to?

So I took my cue from the _huge_ number of HARO requests out there. People want new takes, fresh takes, on how to make the holidays better in every way. From the best gifts to the best way to mail those gifts, people want to know. We’ll be debuting several categories of posts presently.

But in the meantime, I’ve retreated from my corner, dusted myself off, stopped worrying, and started loving the blog.


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