Happy Holiday Season

I feel like November 1st is the true start of the holiday season.

October builds towards Halloween on the 31st. Throughout October, you think spooky autumnal thoughts. And our traffic took a big dip on Halloween itself. Not as many signups.

Then the calendar turns over to November. We fight through our belly aches and we look toward Thanksgiving. But Thanksgiving doesn’t, in my mind, have the same terminal nature as Halloween. It’s the warm up time with family and friends.

Perhaps it’s that Christmas shopping begins in earnest the morning after Turkey Day, but it does feel like we’re running down hill fast.

We started our true campaigns, building toward the biggest season ever for CheckedTwice. The blog has been reborn. The announcements have been made on Facebook and Twitter. And they’ll be made time and time again over the next few weeks.

Here’s to a happy, healthful, and successful holiday season!

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