Wrapping Gifts Without Wrapping Paper

Are you looking for some creative ways to wrap gifts this Christmas without buying more wrapping paper? Well you’re in luck – there are lots of great options! Whether you want to keep the tearable paper experience or are wanting to shake things up entirely – the internet has no shortage of ideas!

Here are some items that you may see around the house or in your travels in the next few weeks that you can gather up to have on-hand when you need them. These options will still give the sensation of wrapping paper but are non-traditional in style.


Paper grocery bags or paper lunch bags

Sheet music


Coloring book or word search pages

Tin foil? You can try it but maybe that is best left to breakfast burritos.

Wrapping a gift simply with one of the above and adding some great bows, ribbons, washi tape or stamps can make a beautiful gift without traditional wrapping paper. There are also some options that don’t involve paper at all:

Tea towels or a scarf

Shoe boxes


Clay pots

And don’t forget to check your supply of gift bags you’ve received – many of us keep them only to forget that we have them when we need them. You can use them as bags again or cut them into paper to use to wrap with.

Another quick tip: you can reuse  last year’s Christmas cards to make gift tags – just cut the card up into the shape you desire and punch a hole in it and voila! A festive gift tag to accompany your gift.

Here’s some inspiration from Pinterest:
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2 thoughts on “Wrapping Gifts Without Wrapping Paper”

  1. You forgot the ultimate wrapping paper: kid art. Young children generate choking volumes of cast off masterpieces, that, although individually charming, can threaten to consume and overwhelm your home. But wrap a present with kid art, and you’ll give 2 gifts for the price of one.

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