Using CheckedTwice to Coordinate a Big Christmas Surprise

By now, you know that using CheckedTwice makes family gift exchanges much easier. But did you know that you can also use it to coordinate an epic Christmas surprise? Here’s how to do it and make Christmas morning that much more exciting! pinterest-1

It all starts with adding a surprise gift to the recipient’s wishlist. When it is marked as a surprise, they won’t be able to see it, but the rest of the family will. Family members can claim the item and then split the costs to buy it together. Or, they can add coordinating elements to a surprise gift (or even a regular gift that they know about) to make a total package. Here’s an example…

Timmy’s mom knows he would love an Xbox for Christmas but with controllers, games, and other accessories, it is a pricey proposition, and leaves it off of his wishlist. Timmy’s favorite aunt also knows that he would love an Xbox for Christmas and adds it to his wishlist as a surprise gift, and claims it herself. Seeing that Timmy will be getting an Xbox, Timmy’s grandparents add and claim a surprise game and head set and his uncle Jim decides to buy him some extra controllers so that he will be able to play, too, next time he is in town. And just like that, an epic Christmas morning for Timmy is formed.

The whole family worked together to put together a fantastic, collaborative gift. Seeing someone’s wishlist opens up a whole world of coordinating gift ideas and helps make sure the element of surprise is never lost.

Is someone getting a new iPad? How about adding an iTunes gift card?

A book about learning how to knit? How about a book of beginner patterns or some pretty yarn.

A new bike? Add in a helmet and water bottle.

Some electronic toys? Throw some batteries into those stockings!

The possibilities are endless… so when looking for gift ideas, look not only at what someone has added to their wishlist but for opportunities to coordinate or enhance gifts that have already been claimed. When you have a full picture of someone’s wants and interests, giving great gifts is a lot more fun!

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