Smarter Spending This Christmas Using CheckedTwice

Read a few articles or blog posts on saving money around Christmas and you’ll start to see a few familiar themes- two major ones being setting a budget and having a list (and of course sticking to them both). This is great advice but is often easier said than done. But by bringing a gift registry into the mix, like CheckedTwice, making a great list and staying within your budget is much more easily attainable. CheckedTwice allows you to see your whole family’s wishlists in one place, making gift giving a breeze!



When you are setting your budget, think about all of the people you will be buying gifts for and what your total pool of money available is. Think of your immediate family and closest friends – and don’t forget people that you and your family rely on through the year such as your children’s teachers, your mail carrier, your housekeeper or nanny. Divide that total amount of money up between the people to get an idea of how much to spend on each person and don’t underestimate the value of handmade or DIY gifts. For your family and friends that are using CheckedTwice, it will be easy to look at their wishlists and select gifts that fall within your allocated budget for them. If you don’t see anything that you are excited about getting them in your price range, take a look at the overall feel of their wishlist or the items that have already been claimed for them and see if you can think of anything that coordinates or enhances a gift they want or are already getting. You can add these items to their wishlist as surprises and claim them yourself.

Making a List

While you’re browsing wishlists for gifts, claim the items you would like to buy (to prevent duplicate gifts) and add them to your shopping list within CheckedTwice. It is much easier to stick to a list when you can click within it to make a purchase! Make your online purchases early to avoid any shipping deadlines and think about what items you’ll be sending out-of-state (so include a gift message and gift wrap) versus those you will have shipped to your home for you to wrap and distribute yourself. For any offline gifts, copy them onto a physical list along with any pertinent details like size or color to bring with you to the store. Organize your offline shopping list by store and plan a route to make the most of your shopping excursion. And don’t stray from the list! Sticking to the list means sticking to your budget and your January finances will thank you if you do.

Budgets and lists are surefire ways to make the most of your holiday dollar and using a registry like CheckedTwice will help with both. What other tips do you have for smarter spending this Christmas? Share them with us in the comments!

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