Introducing the CheckedTwice “Want It!” Button

It was already pretty easy to add a gift from anywhere on the web to your CheckedTwice wishlist – all you had to do was copy and paste the link into our Add A Gift screen. But now – we’ve made it even easier!

Introducing: the CheckedTwice “Want It!” button! Similar to the Pinterest “Pin It” button, this little bookmarklet will allow you to quickly add an item to your wishlist without breaking your browsing flow.

Here’s how to install the button to your browser’s toolbar. First, visit Next, drag the big red “Want It!” button up to your browser’s bookmark bar. And then… well, that’s it! You’re good to go! When you happen upon a product you’d like to add – just click the “Want It!” button in your browser bar and choose an appropriate image – and voila, it is on your wishlist! CheckedTwice Want It Button

We hope using the “Want It!” button will help make your holiday gift-giving and receiving even easier!


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