Introducing the CheckedTwice Mobile App!

We’ve got  more big news to share! In addition to the recent release of the CheckedTwice bookmarklet, we’re also excited to introduce the CheckedTwice mobile app! Available  for both iOS and Android, the CheckedTwice mobile app makes it super easy to add items that you encounter in the real world to your CheckedTwice wishlists.

Click here to download for iOS

Click here to download for Android

The app allows you to add gifts in three ways.

App 2

First, you can take a picture of an item, add a description, and place it on your wishlist (or that of another family member).

Another option is to scan the item’s bar code which will automagically pull up the item’s picture and information that can then be added to a wishlist.

The third option is to simply create a gift (without a picture) to add to your wishlist.

From within the app, you’ll also be able to access your family member’s wishlists to have with you while shopping. You can claim gifts while on-the-go to prevent duplicate gifts and you’ll also have access to your shopping list while shopping to help you stick to your budget.

We hope that you enjoy using our new app this Christmas and find that it helps make your gift exchange easier and more organized. Happy Gifting!

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