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This summer, we had three Rice University students as interns. One of their major projects was putting together some gift idea blogs to help people when they’re trying to find a great gift. They focused on a few different gift-giving scenarios:

gift blog page

DIY Gifts: sometimes a handmade gift is the best type of gift

Charity Gifts: for someone who has everything, why not make a donation in their honor?

Last Minute and Web Services Gifts: by the time Facebook reminds you of a birthday, it may already be too late!

Long Distance Relationship Gifts: gifts to bring long distance couples together

Experiential Gifts: get out there and do something exciting- memories are amazing gifts!

Board Game Gifts: sometimes a good board game is all you need

Cocktail Gifts: 21 and up, of course!

Gifts for College Freshman: send them to school with some great new gear

And gifts are broken down within each blog for different relationships, for example, DIY gifts for crafty moms. They scoured the web for the best gifts and there are certainly some unique ideas posted. Thanks to Yize, Ife, and Karen for all of your hard work!

We’re also sharing gift ideas on Pinterest – see our boards here!

And of course – the easiest way to find the perfect gift is to use CheckedTwice!

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