Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

We’ve all seen the gorgeous trees on Pinterest and in our favorite catalogs – but do you struggle with getting the same effect on your own trees? Did you know, there is a strategy for decorating your tree? There is! Whether you’re trying to recreate an inspiring model tree or just looking to spruce up your family’s traditional look – you’re sure to have a lovely result by following some of these quick Christmas tree decorating tips!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect tree, watered it, and steadily secured it in your home:

  1. First, the lights! Use lights that are on a strand that matches the color of your tree. For most people and lights, green will work – though if you’re doing a white tree, make sure your lights are on a white strand. Wrap them around the tree, keeping them evenly spaced from one level to the next. And don’t skimp! As a guide, you should use 100 small lights for every vertical foot of tree – but adjust as necessary if you’re using larger bulbs.
  2. Next – garland (or anything else that will wrap around the tree). Start at the top and gently lay the garland toward the ends of the branches. If using something small, like beads, you can wrap them from branch to branch for a swooping effect. With bigger garlands,  aim to wrap them around the tree itself. Check out some of these great garland ideas for inspiration. Garland-making is a great activity for kids!
  3. Finally, the fun: add the ornaments! Keep your largest ornaments on the bottom third of the tree and gradually decrease them in size as you make your way up. If you have any family favorites, position them on the part of the tree that will be seen the most.
  4. The final details – any last items that enhance the overall look of the tree or fill in empty spots such as individual bows or candy canes. Stand back from the tree and add your little fillers in any areas that look like they need a little more love.
  5. And the topper! The tree isn’t finished til it has your family’s favorite topper. If you haven’t settled on a favorite yet – here are some ideas!

If you decorate your tree as a family or as part of a party, we recommend completing steps 1 and 2 ahead of time to allow everyone to plow straight in to the best part. And don’t put too much pressure on yourself – your tree doesn’t have to look like a Pinterest masterpiece or a page in Martha Stewart Living to be meaningful and loved by your family, friends and guests. Have fun and make it your own! And when it is time to take everything down – stay organized by simply reversing the order above. Store items separately by step so that it will be easy to get started next year.

We’d love to see your trees – share a pic with us on our Facebook page!

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