Birthday Wishlists with CheckedTwice

You’re already aware that using CheckedTwice for your family’s holiday gift exchanges makes everything simpler and easier – but did you know that you can use CheckedTwice for your birthday wishlists, too? And more than likely, you’re already set up and ready to go!

When you sign up for CheckedTwice, we’ll ask for your birthday along with that of any family members you invite. We ask for that information so that we can create birthday occasions throughout the year for everyone. After the December holidays, gifts on everyone’s wishlists that go unclaimed roll over and remain active for birthdays. Soon, we’ll start emailing reminders ahead of time so that the birthday person knows to update their list and their family remembers to check out the wishlist for ideas.

All the benefits of using CheckedTwice at the holidays apply for birthdays – it’s easier to shop because great gifts that they will love are right at your fingertips. And for your own wishlist, it’s easy to add things throughout the year using our Want It! button or mobile app so everyone will have an idea of what you’re into when you turn a year older.

And it doesn’t stop with birthdays – you can add occasions in CheckedTwice for anything your family needs. Just create the occasion and give it a date, assign recipients (is it an occasion where one person will receive gifts, or everyone?), and invite the appropriate family members. Baby showers, weddings, anniversaries – anything goes!

Here’s to a whole year of easier gift exchanges!

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