7 Things You Can Do to Get Organized for the Christmas Rush

We love the Holiday Season. The traditions, the parties, the gifts! But it can be a stressful time of year, too. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of things you can do this week to get organized for the Christmas Rush.

  1. Add New Folks to Christmas Card List

    An easy one to get you started. Who are the new people in your life this year that deserve a greeting card? Brainstorm for a couple of minutes and then make sure you have their addresses. If not, go ahead and email them now.

  2. Order Christmas Cards

    And now you need those cards! We like the ones from the Museum of Modern Art. If you want, order enough of a single card to keep things simple. That way you won’t agonize over who gets which.

  3. Take a Look at Wrapping Paper Stock

    Before you take stock of your blessings, take stock of your gift wrap. Is it time for some new bows or paper? Add it to your normal shopping list. Pick it up at the store on your next trip.

  4. Make Sense of the Calendar

    Between school activities, holiday parties, church services, tree lightings, and more it can be hard to keep track of everything. Take few minutes to make sure your calendar is up to date. If you use Google Calendar, check out our calendar to keep organized.

  5. Charitable Giving List

    It’s a busy time, but it’s also a time to think of others. And beating the end of the calendar year can be good for the taxes and for charities themselves. Are there any charities that need your help again this year? Make those donations now.

  6. Set A Christmas Budget And Stick To ItNow let’s get to a sticky one: Budget. Take a few minutes to figure out what you can afford to spend on gifts this year. Then, write it down. Make sure you can refer back to it when you’re out at the mall. Write it down. And stick to it.
  7. Get Ready for Your Gifting on CheckedTwiceLast but not least, it’s time to figure out that holiday shopping. Invite your family to add their wish lists on CheckedTwice, and your holiday gifting will be a breeze.


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